Who doesn’t love a pretty Instagram feed?

In the world of Instagram, we share content that may look so mainstream or daily, even though we know this ‘Instagram-life’ we’re living is too perfect for words. That’s how perfect ‘feeds’ are born. And that’s where the fine line between a user -as in a personal account- and a company -as a business account- runs. Both striving for a perfect coherent content, people turn themself into some kind of ‘brand’ and brands turn themselves into some kind of person. There’s nothing wrong with companies distinguishing themselves from others in a non-commercial way. Besides, it represents their originality and creativity.

No other B2C industries have thrived on Instagram as much as the fashion and beauty industry. We took a closer look for you and found 5 beauty and fashion brands who know how to work their way through Instagram.

Ready? Let’s go!

  • NYX Cosmetics 

Let’s start with world’s most popular makeup brand: NYX Cosmetics. Even though everybody pronounces it differently -N.Y.X. or nyx- this beauty brand handles their Instagram like a pro. Scrolling through their feed, it’s pointedly how they repost pictures of their fans. It looks like they use influencer marketing but: apparently, NYX did not pay its influencers who promoted their products. They just loved the products and they promoted the makeup voluntarily. NYX Cosmetics understood that social media was not a simple promotion channel, but a platform that allowed them to build a closer relationship with their customers which also resulted into a loyal following.

  • Tarte 

Next in our row of beauty brands is Tarte. It’s vegan, it’s cruelty free, it’s eco-friendly and so much more. Tarte has a lot of reasons to be a lovebrand and they own a very strong social media fan base. Featuring many -Instagram- make-up artists, they keep up their community management and builded a strong loyal following. In some way, they celebrate the beauty and creativity of their followers and at the same time they promote their awesome products. Using the hashtag #rethinknatural, fans can share their own looks to inspire others.


Glamglow is the way to go! At least as our third beauty company we’re going to discuss. Last year, the skin-care brand got some serious buzz on social media, but how? Glamglows’ success is the result of the current online buzz about face masks. Next to their influencer program, significant Youtube traction and an emphasis on brand localization, they’re also the queen of giveaway feeds.

Besides, their masks are too cool not to share.

  • aerie

In a world of bodyshaming and discrimination, fashion brand aerie contributes some goodness to our lives. They use their Instagram as an inspirational platform using body positivity and girl power. Their feed consists of mostly dreamy, tropical and girly content but if you look closely, you can notice they repost a lot of their followers posts, which their Instagram exists of. Using the #arieREAL hashtag -and when wearing their clothing of course- your picture could become a part of their beautiful feed.

Really worth checking it out!

  • Everlane

A better way to show off your products, other than just posting pictures about them? Try sharing pictures that inspire your followers. Just like fashion brand Everlane did. With their 451k followers, they are very aware of what they’re doing with their Instagram. While reposting, featuring and sharing posts of their fans, they fill up their beautiful feed with pictures of their followers in their natural environment with their own combinations and looks.

Classic style. New look. Nice Cashmere Cardigan, @alice_gao.

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