March is just around the corner, let’s hope sunshine and warm weather is aswell.

Though, February started as quite a calm month in the big, bright and bold world of social media, it ended with a hurricane. Are you just as excited as us to take a closer look of what happened? Allright!

#1 – VERO

OFCOURSE we’re starting with the biggest discussed social media app, called “Vero”. Another new social media network, planning to conquer the world. As an overnight success, the app has already over one million users and looks like the next Instagram. Yeah, right. Wanna read more about this newbie? You can check out our previous blogpost -about Vero- right here.


One comes, one goes. Remember the good old Snapchat days? Being popular amongst youngsters, Snapchat made some pretty big changes in their years of existence. Which, unfortunately, made them much less popular. The use of snapchat started to decrease and their last update basically ended the Snapchat era. And let’s not forget who played a main part in the crash of the app: Kylie Jenner. The queen -or King- of Snapchat caused a loss of 1,5 billion dollar by posting one simple tweet. Just asking; do you still use Snapchat?


Meanwhile, Facebook is stepping up their game, adding some high technology to their features. May we introduce you to: 3D posts. Yes, that’s right. It lets people see and interact with a digital object from all sides. It’s instantly responsive to scroll and touch, making content pop off our screens. Pretty cool feature, hm?

#4 – DE MOL

De Mol is probably one of the best tv shows ever made. For its comeback this year, they announced it in their own typical atypical way. Being mysterious and vague -just like the show itself- they created some commotion on Belgian social media. People started sharing mysterious gifts with the line “Miss me?” on social media and everyone got curious. Well done Vier!


Our client LolaLiza was a buzzy bee this month, launching some Instagram Live Stories with Belgian bloggers. This wasn’t only great to interact with their own customers, they also provided some inspiration. Love, love, love it!

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