The last past years, GRL PWR has been booming all over the world. Women stood up for themselves and raised their voice – but, we’re not there yet, tho -. Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate women and everything they represent. As a company with some pretty strong power women, today’s a big day for WE LIKE YOU. We searched for the best social media posts related to femininity and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT. So sit down and stay cause it’s #InternationalWomensDay.

#1 – Charlie

Classic Charlie. Charlie Magazine is the true definition of girl power, making us proud to be a woman. Their International Women’s Day Facebook post contained a bingo game with some relatable, hilarious and stereotypical boxes to cross off. Our favorite: “A man on Twitter: And when is it Men’s Day?”, ha ha get outta here. We love the “mocking” attitude because some things are, indeed, so obvious. Which one is your fav?

#2 – McDonalds

We must admit this is a pretty cool move from McDonalds. Patricia Williams, who owns a franchise in the US, flipped her restaurant’s sign, switching from the infamous “M” to a “W” which stands for “Women”. Speaking of a boss ass lady.


#3 – Ladies At The Movies

Because there is, indeed, a Wonder Woman in each and every one of us. Our client “Ladies at the Movies” shared an amazing post, supporting all the strong women out there. BAM!

#4 – Barbie

With IWD coming up, Barbie introduced their new line called “Inspiring Women”. The dolls are a tribute to fourteen historical and contemporary female role models. A great initiative, because young girls are our future and raising them with the thought they came become anything they want to be, is key.

#5 – Serena Williams

Sportswoman Serena Williams is, for many girls and women, a great example. As a go-getter, she doesn’t let anyone bring her down and she says it beautifully in this short, inspirational video: “There is no wrong way to be a woman!”. 

‪Never let anyone tell you what you are not. #untilweallwin @nikewomen #Nike‬

Een bericht gedeeld door Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) op

#6 – Facebook

IWD was the day Facebook stepped up their business game. Yes, we’re talking about the Community Finder tool voor the #SheMeansBusiness program. It’s meant to connect female entrepreneurs and women-owned business in multiple countries. The purpose? Help professional women share advice and resources in order to develop their businesses. GRL PWR? Definitely.