Remember, back in the good old days …

… when posting content on Instagram was, well, just posting content on Instagram? It was as easy as that. There were no cruel things, such as algorithms for example. So, it seems pretty impossible to get more followers or engagement, but is it? No, it’s definitely not a crazy thought. It’s all about knowing what Instagram features can make you more visible, and make visitors click that special “follow” button when they land on your profile. Are you searching for ways to boost your Instagram and to increase your organic, vegan and gluten free reach? Then these 5 easy steps will make things a whole lot easier, keep on reading!

  • Planning Is Key

It’s already so hard to get noticed in your customers feed with everybody being present on Instagram, and social media in general. Make sure you make content that fits in Instagram but also stands out. You can definitely create some awesome, creative and inspiring posts but if it comes down to it, planning will be your best friend to get your posts noticed by others. It’s not that hard, though, and help is nearby. Apps like UNUM and Planoly allow you to plan every single -brilliant- post you prepared for your followers. Also important and to keep in the back of your mind, is the right posting times. Although the recommended posting time in 2018 lays between 11am – 1pm -aka lunch time- and 7pm – 9pm, we would say it’s very clever to find out what time fits best for you. It’s all about discovering and experimenting, eventually you’ll get there, don’t worry.

  • Say It With A Sticker

When Instagram took over the Story-Kingdom, people started using Instagram Stories as yet another place to spread their creations, same for businesses. Being present in the same app, Instagram Stories and the original Instagram timeline live their separate lives. One is used for temporary daily inspiration and sharing experiences as a snapshot. The other one allows us to share posts that become a part of our feed. Instagram Stories is the new baby of the company and they love to experiment with it. Just like that, the stickers were born. Yes, we’re talking about location and hashtag stickers. They’re not only cute and cool -definitely with addition of the new fonts-, they also made a pretty big difference for businesses. Anyone now can see your Instagram Stories -if you’re not a private account-, meaning when people tag your location (and a hashtag), your story might appear in that location’s Instagram Stories and the corresponding hashtag page. The benefits for your business? Encourage visitors to tag your business in their Instagram Stories, once your business has a physical location. This will give you more exposure and might lead to more followers. No physical location? No problem. Make them use your business’ branded hashtag in their Stories and BOOM! Brand awareness and recognition.

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  • Highlight The Important Stuff

Staying in our Instagram Stories lane, Instagram introduced us to a less temporary version of their Stories, called the Instagram Stories Highlights. It’s just like posting a story, but you can save it to your feed. It’s a great way to show off some extras to your customers and followers, in a different -and more creative way- than just posting it on your feed. Some clever Instagrammers saw this new feature as an opportunity to expand their Instagram aesthetic. Using templates and icons, they sectionned their Highlights, categorising them to make things a lot more clear. It’s not only a great way to show your creativity, it might also benefit the user experience. Instagram Stories Highlights allows profiles to attract new followers. Another fav feature is Instagram Live, a great way to connect, engage and interact with your followers!

  • Measure, measure and oh, measure

Do you own a business account? Great, because things will get a lot more easier for you from now on. We have two words for you: start tracking. Start tracking your Instagram analytics and learn how to understand your audience. Instagram Insights is a great way to learn more about your audience. Their age, gender, location and language. With this info, you can adjust your Instagram strategy if needed. Compare and see which posts work best for your account. Improving your strategy equals reaching more users, so go for it! Besides, you can also track engagement data, your top followers, your reach, etc. There is so much to discover, a whole new world of data. So, get over there and work those numbers, you won’t regret it.

  • Howdy partner!

New to the Instagram Business Family, is the partnership feature. It’s common now that influencer marketing is an effective new way of reaching new and targeted audiences. Adding the new paid partnership feature, influencers get help promoting and identifying posts that are paid for by advertisers. Next to this great benefit, there’s also the fact that the feature helps with getting more impressions. Sounds like a good deal, right? More impressions equals brand awareness. The only downside might be that people will see “Paid partnership with …” in the header, but let’s be honest here: it looks more professional than sneaky tagging you’re advertiser. All by all, you’ll get noticed because you “get tagged” and more people will see you, scrolling through their feed.