Spring’s here, and so are we with a new recap of the last month.

Just like the clock change to daylight saving time, there were -again- some changes in the big, bright and bold world of social media.


Congratulations Poule & Poulette! This jummy client of us opened their new restaurant in Ghent. The day before the opening, they posted a teasing picture of a trail of chicken footprints, leading to the new restaurant. -Creativity on point!- On Facebook, there’s a short film about the preparations of this opening campaign. They shared the special evening with their fans through Facebook Live. You go Poule & Poulette!


Get your GIF on! They’re back and they’re better than ever, let alone: more appreciated than ever. Remember that one time everyone started freaking out because our beloved GIFs vanished from our Instagram Stories. Well, patience is a virtue and our patience got rewarded. Welcome back loves.


March was a big month for all the feminists out here. International Women’s Day felt bigger than ever, also on social media. Curious about our top IMD Instagram? You can read our article here. Where a lot of companies went wrong with stereotypical IWD posts, LolaLiza didn’t. That’s why they got featured on VLCM’s article about IWD. Their amazing campaign for the non-profit association ‘Moeders voor Moeders’ certainly deserves to shine in the spotlights.

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#4 – #OSCARS

Ah yes, the classic Oscars. The annual event EVERY film enthusiast is looking forward to. Besides every single celebrity, social media attended as well. There’s this place, called ‘Twitter’, where everyone shared their opinions and thoughts about the event. This one below might be our favorite. Who doesn’t love our queen Meryl Streep.


Musical.ly might not be in our top picks of social media platforms, but we can’t skip this viral trend. Sí, another challenge. Meet this alien/frog type of figure, dancing to a catchy Latin themed song. The name of this challenge? Dame Tu Cosita. We’ll leave the translation up to Google. No, there are no ice buckets, tide pods or spicy peppers involved. It’s all about mimicking the funny dance, that’s it. Would you give it a try?