On the 18th of April, the second edition of Digital Transformation Conference took place in Lamot Mechelen.There was one word you heard in almost every single sentence: innovation!

We obtained lots of new insights concerning business innovation, like how to innovate your organization and leadership with a good strategy and vision. Another big topic of  the day was people innovation, where you could dive into the interesting customer journeys and how you can empower new employees and clients. Other tracks of the day were technology and sustainability innovation, but we decided to focus a bit more on the first two.

Therefore, we like to give you four learnings that you should definitely take in account! Because let’s be honest, digital transformation is happening and it’s happening fast. So jump on that virtual train!

#01 – Communicate Creatively 

Create the right context in the right tone of voice, not as simple as it sounds! The lovely ladies of Maison Slash gave us some interesting cases where they did exactly just that. Their target audience? The NGP’s: the New Generation of Parents. They give a voice to this specific target group. They even organized a rave party for kids and parents, and believe it or not: it was a great success! These days, kid friendly and parent friendly are not the same. We’re kind of in this “flat age” where parents are staying younger much longer and the children are growing up faster, so they kind of meet halfway. In short: speak their language and you’ll come a long way!

3 Things we Learned at Digital Transformation Conference

#02 – Scan Your Environment 

We don’t have to tell you that you have to know what your competition is doing. But you do need to know that there are certain trends concerning innovation here, according to Jo Caudron of Duval Union Consultancy. Like “The Frog” for example, which was exactly what Tesla did. You could only buy the car online, so Tesla frog-jumped over the dealers and went straight to the customer. Another trend is “The Participant”, where people join forces to go from something scarce to an “overkill”. Like when people thought there were not that many hotels in Ghent, so Airbnb came along where people could rent their rooms for a few nights. So suddenly, there were “too many hotels in Ghent”. Be aware of those trends when you want to innovate! Stop thinking of a great new idea and start solving problems.

3 Things we Learned at Digital Transformation Conference

#03 – Impact Is Key 

It’s not a myth, digital transformation is becoming more and more important. You can automate existing processes, provide new products and services, change the expectations of your customers and many many more. Even the smallest steps toward digital transformation can be just as effective as big disruptive ones. It’s really all about the impact

As Carine Lucas (Agoria) likes to say it: It’s not about how much money you invest, it’s about the impact you want to have.

3 Things we Learned at Digital Transformation Conference

Well, another day another slay right? Thanks for this inspiring conference, Brewery of Ideas! We had a great time. Want to see how we put these learnings into practice? Well, don’t hesitate to reach out and drop us a line: hello@welikeyou.social.

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