Today I like to reflect on another great week; inspirational talks, rigorous debates and a glimpse into the future of our industry!

If you couldn’t attend Social Media Week New York, we will share some brief recaps of 4 days of Social Media madness during the next few weeks. This year’s event hosts included VaynerMedia, BuzzFeed, Nev Schulman (Catfish, the TV show), Vimeo, National Geographic, Vox Media, The Verge, Martha Stewart, Nike, Ferrero, Digitas, Refinery29, Knotch, Havas New York and many more. During this 10th edition of #SMWNYC we heard from over 200 speakers across three stages who all touched on their 2018 global theme, “Closer”, which explores the intensifying conflict between individualism and community.

Conquering the YOU-niverse 

Back in the days, targeted, individualized advertisement was the stuff of science fiction. But, guess what; yesterday’s sci-fi is today’s real life, and marketers need to adapt. Nowadays we expect personalization from brands, and that means that they cannot continue to adhere to rigid definitions of brand voice. Brands are perceived differently by each and every individual, so why not advertise that way?

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Fact 1: Our phone is the new TV, the brands are the channels, and all the platforms know everything about us.

Decades ago, empathy, wasn’t really there. Today, you have to be empathetic as a brand.

  1. The world’s first focus group – people don’t know you are learning about them.
  2. Audience segmentation – we are able to talk to specific target groups.
  3. Media targeting – the ability to target those specific people, in a specific place.

But how can you be a brand and reply empathy to everyone?

  • You have to be a brand, you have to be a purpose.
  • Just being a human. We all have a purpose in live. This is where I stand for.
  • No longer are we talking at people, we’re talking with them.

Conclusion: Agencies must adapt.