Time passes quickly, it’s already May.

Today we like to list 5 awesome social media updates you might have missed in April.


Even though I highly doubt you didn’t get blinded by the gems on every influencer’s body and missed this, the most Instagrammable festival was BACK! Bright colors, designer shoes and flower crowns are all must haves if you want to fit in. Oh, and of course there was a bit of music too. Queen B blew everyone away with a surprise appearance of Destiny’s child, Cardi B gave the performance of her life even though she’s pregnant and well, Yodeling Walmart boy made a surprise appearance. In other words, you missed out! (And so did I).


Basically everyone’s declared Snapchat as dead, but the app is trying everything to stay relevant. This time Snapchat’s putting all their trust in the gamers with their new ‘Snappables’. Instead of just having cute filters, it’s time to train the muscles in your face with silly minigames. Whether you’re feeling flirty, hungry, in the mood for a party or you just want to train your eyebrows, Snapchat’s got you covered. Will this update bring us all back to Snapchat? Honestly, all I can think about is the Easter message Snapchat didn’t send us.


Everyone knows it’s better to keep some things to yourself. Well, unless your name is Kanye West of course. Mr. West crashed into everyone’s Twitter feed with his deepest thoughts, blurry selfies and love for Donald Trump. Yes, Donald Trump. This didn’t go without backlash though. Kanye lost a lot of followers, including some of his celebrity friends. So maybe it’s finally time to wake up, Mr. West!

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#4 – BOL.COM

If there’s one brand that deserves a little spot in this month’s recap it’s bol.com. Not because they might have crazy sales or something, but because of their social media team. There’s nobody who can get away with throwing shade and sassy answers the way bol.com does. You go, bol.com!

5 Awesome Social Media Updates You Might Have Missed – April Recap


We all know that even when your Facebook page is private, it’s not really as private as you might think. After the privacy scandal in March, Mark Zuckerberg had to talk about the privacy issues at the US Congress and the changes that would come. In all this seriousness there was some space for humor as well. I mean, the internet wouldn’t be the internet if there wouldn’t be any memes about Mark now, right?