It feels like yesterday, my first day at WLY.Four months of learning, laughing and enjoying passed by so quickly and I wish it could last even longer. It’s been a long, but good time and I loved every single moment of it. Join me while I go through the highlights of my internship. Y’all ready? Let’s go! I’ve seen many changes during my internship. I’ve seen the four seasons passing by -yes, I’m talking to you Belgian weather-, I’ve seen Antwerp changing -road works, yuk- and I’ve seen changes within myself. This work, but especially the team brought out the best in me.

Best moments

I’ve had the chance to work on some awesome projects. One of them was a behind the scenes shoot of a music video for An-D, one of our clients -and a rising artist-. Talking about the showbizz life. 💁🏼 The past months sure where busy as heck, but I loved it and I loved my work. Another project was Digitale Week. I got to design some cool covers and it gave me the opportunity to grow my skills.

But I’m also very proud of the work I did for WLY. The emoji posts for our social branding, the blogs I wrote, the pictures I took,… It took the part of a team vibe to a whole other level.


Wanna have a good laugh? WLY is the place to be. I loved every personality in the office and it feels great when you can just be your own, good self. My most memorable moments? Playing those cheesy, classic ‘90s music and singing along -almost- every Friday to get in that TGIF mood. Or when we gathered around one pc like story telling time, to watch funny videos. Just, because.


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The first song that comes to my mind when I think of ending the chapter of my internship, is Everyday from Logic and Marshmellow. I remember it blasting through my headphones, walking to the train station after a good and productive day. It seems so fitting because I really wanted to show the world I can do this. And so I did, because I worked hard every motherf*cking day-ay-ay-ay.


I want to thank every team member of WLY, but especially the boss/power women Eva and Joyce, for this opportunity. They’re truly the best. As for the rest, you were great and I love each and every one of you. Thanks for the great times and rock on!

And for now: my mood at the moment.