Time passes quickly, it’s already June. Summer is near! 

Today we like to list 5 awesome social media updates you might have missed in May.


That John Mayer is a social media king has been known for quite a while now. However, the singer took it a step further than just social media this time. Claiming that his team didn’t agree on a budget for his new videoclip, John Mayer decided to contact a company that does birthday and Bar Mitzvah videos. The result? Dramatic poses, awkward dancing on fake mountains and fireworks. Yes, it definitely is as bad as you think. Thank god for green screens! 🙌🏼

#2 – THE DRESS 2.0, KINDA …

Remember the black and blue dress that turned all our friends into enemies? Well, it happened again. However, this time people all over the world were trying to figure out whether a sound fragment spread all over social media says ‘Laurel’ or ‘Yanny’. There’s a ton of theories explaining this miracle, but we’re probably all just too stubborn to admit we’re wrong, right? ps, it’s Laurel.


Spectacular dresses, wild headpieces and crazy suits. If there’s one event where everyone dresses to impress, it’s the Met Gala. Even though there was an overflow of sparkles, gold and breathtaking makeup looks, there was one look that made all our Instagram feeds explode. Rihanna dressed as a pope, do we need to say more? But does anyone actually know what the Met Gala is? Asking for a friend…

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Desperately looking for new music but avoiding poppy love songs? Childish Gambino brought us all back to reality with ‘This Is America’. By referring to several shootings in the past and subtly showing us the ugly truth, he criticizes the gun culture in the United States.  These are the kind of celebrities we need. 👏🏼


Grab your tissues, because we’re talking about the Royal wedding! Long veils, celebrity guests and a whole lot of romance are the perfect ingredients for the fairytale wedding we’re all dreaming of. While most of us were too emotional watching the wedding and tweeting through the entire ceremony, others started looking for single princes all over the world. It’s worth a try I guess?

#Bonus: Next to all the wedding fuss, the one and only Queen Elizabeth II got excited about cows and it might honestly be even better than the wedding.