On the 7th of June something rememberable happened …

— it was once again time for The Growth Conference! Not only could you get inspired by the international leaders, you could also have a breakfast date with us, WE LIKE YOU!

Grab your favourite reading goggles and relive our 5 highlights of #TGC18!

01 – Breakfast date with WE LIKE YOU

Our very own digital strategist Bert prepared a mesmerizing speech on how to persuade your customers — just like how you would on first dates! If you’d like to practise your date skills, Bert is always available for a charming 1-on-1 discussion on all things social!


02 – Kay Snels – Uber woman

Kay Snels talked about her journey and career at Uber! The main lesson she taught me was not to be afraid of failure and instead celebrate it! In Belgium we’re afraid of failing. Instead of being afraid, we should use failure as experience from which you and other people can learn from. And if you truly want to be successful, you have to learn to be proud of your accomplishments.

03 – Sujan Patel – Co-Founder at Ramp Ventures

“Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.”. This quote was so accurate it couldn’t be left out of the highlights list! Patel  talked about how to achieve growth based on your customer and shared some key takeaways:

  1. Create content that makes your customers smarter.
  2. Train your customer support, success and sales team to share content at the end of their conversations.
  3. Set aside time weekly to connect with your advocates 1:1.

Even more curious? Check out the presentation here. You’re welcome!


04 – Yannick Khayati – Founder of The Growth Revolution

I can proudly say I have a new mantra! “When was the last time you tried something new” is the quote that comes to mind when I recall Yannick’s speech. Experimentation is what he advocates during his talk. As a company you have to do rapid experimentation so the competitors don’t get ahead of you.

How to become experiment – driven?

  1. Don’t start with ‘new’ ideas, start with failing ideas.
  2. Don’t start with ‘your’ experiments, start with ‘their’ experiments.
  3. Focus on one problem or challenge at the same time.
  4. Don’t call it fail-fast, call it iterate-fast.
  5. Experiment not just on the solution.


05 – Yondr – Virtual Reality Agency

Ever wondered what the VR hype is all about? Luckily Yondr was around to introduce us to the full potential of VR through examples and multiple demo’s! Although we were a bit dizzy after trying it, we wouldn’t mind giving it another go.

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