When I say “Instagram perfect” you immediately know what I mean … 

white pearl beaches, perfect bikini, ice cool cocktail. Always looking fab. Brands tend to want the same thing. They want to put their product in absolutely perfect spotlight.

Make the burger look scrumptious

Make that dress wave gently in the wind

Make that phone an absolute must-have if you want to stay cool.

At the end of the day, a phone is just a phone and that burger is less than perfect. Consumers start seeing through your idealization marketing, especially on social.

So what if you got a bit more honest?

Highlight your flaws

In 1949 William Bernbach, together with his colleagues Doyle and Dane (from the iconic agency DDB) wrote the infamous “Lemon” ad for Volkswagen. The ad explained how the Volkswagen displayed didn’t make it into the real world as it’s flawed. “You probably won’t notice the error, but we did.”

See what they did there from a Psychological point of view? They highlighted a flaw but used it to promote their quality control.  A strategy that’s much more effective than trying to pretend you’re perfect all the time.

Learn from Lemon – How sometimes it pays off to highlight your flaws on social

Squeezing the lemon for your brand

So how can you apply the “Lemon” strategy for your brand on social? How can you use your flaws to create a halo effect for your brand? If you’re an online commerce, for example, you might’ve made a wrong delivery at one point in time. You could think about posting something like this:

“This isn’t what Sarah ordered. We’re only human and sometimes we make packing mistakes. Sorry about that Sarah! Your order is on us, and here’s a coupon to make it up.”

By putting an error forward, you humanize your brand. Consumers can only appreciate the extra gesture and realize it’s indeed rare that a mistake is made. They can be sure the brand will correct it in the best way possible. What a boost of confidence by consumers in the brand this mistake has proven to be!

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Take away

Here’s how to lean from Lemon on your brands social media in 4 easy steps:

  1. Identify a flaw your brand has
  2. Think about how a flaw is handled and how that makes your brand stand out
  3. Combine 1 & 2 in a social post that’s the most human possible
  4. Enjoy your halo effect 😉

We’re all about honesty on social. Want to have a no-nonsense chat about what we can do for yours? Feel free to give us a shout!