Hope the clickbait worked! Well it really isn’t clickbait but we’ll get to that later.

After two months of working with this amazing team it is my time to go. And just like when I started, I’ll do it with a bang!

Flamingos and pigeons

WLY has this saying “We want you to be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”. It may seem like one of many inspirational quotes but for some reason this one got stuck in my mind. For me the meaning of this saying is much more than to be different, to be true to yourself. For me it also means to not give a f*** about what others think. Just go for it! Do things you never would have thought you’d do. Even if it makes you stand out, and have an introverted nature like me, own it like a flashy pink flamingo in a flock of dull grey pigeons!


Donuts, take-out, booze … working at WLY sure ain’t good for your diet! The occasional order of donuts or candy treats during my internship sure were fun and delicious. But on a more serious note; I’m not going to lie or sugar-coat it. My first week at WLY I did feel a little out of place. The people at WLY are all social and vocal while I am more of an introverted person. I did open up a lot during my internship and I love every one of the personalities I worked with. Luckily all the fun moments and laughter in the other weeks made me love working at WLY.

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Party as much as you work

Working at WLY really doesn’t feel like working at all! While you of course need to meet your deadlines, there’s a lot of room for enjoying yourself as well. You never know when someone — cough Jory — dresses up or a spontaneous karaoke starts  — looking at you Eva. But these kinds of unforced events certainly make it fun and give you new energy to meet the next deadline.

At WLY they share laughter and sadness. Working at WLY doesn’t mean working with colleagues but working with a bunch of friends. Celebrate everything you can, as life is too short to not enjoy yourself!