School’s is out, Russia is ready to host their world cup … June, it was all about the top topical. 

Today we like to list 5 awesome social media updates you might have missed in June.

#1 – Ryanair

Making an unexepcted exit? Ryanair got your back. Too bad several teams like Germany, Argentina, Portugal and Spain had to leave the World Cup quite soon. Ryanair instantly reacted and came up with the next actua related Facebook post.

#2 – Come a casa 

Told you so, June was all about the top topical. Also Come a Case took their moment, and turned a typical Belgian traffic struggle – situation into funny social media content.

#3- Mastercard’s controversial World Cup campaign

World Cup 2018 has officially started and big brands are looking for creative ways to capitalise on the genuine excitement and solidarity the global event brings. One such brand is Mastercard.

‘Easily the worst marketing’ you’ve ever seen. Why? The credit card company rolled out its ‘Goals that Change Lives’ campaign in Latin America, pledging 10,000 meals to starving children – with the help of the World Food Programme. Seems like a nice enough deal, but it comes with the slight caveat of Lionel Messi or Neymar having to score a goal (in a major international competition within the next two years) in order for the meals to be valid.

As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir amongst consumers and even football legends.

#4 – Instagram innovates with IGTV and shoppable stories 

IGTV appears to be the social media giant’s attempt to get its hands on some of YouTube’s long-form video market share. Like YouTube, the app will likely generate revenue for the brand through advertising.


Time to reflect on our own social media activities. Let’s stay true to our Antwerp roots.


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