Aaah Summertime’s here! The time where quotes like “I need some vitamine sea” and “beach please” are hard to avoid. Well, we found some gems between all that sweet summer talk in the month of July ánd an update that we simple love love love! Let’s take a look:

#1 – Keke, do you love me?

Champagne Papi released a brand new song and of course we ADORE it! And apparently, so do many many others. Like influencer Shiggy, who invented a little dance to the chorus of In My Feelings that went viral. Soon, a new challenge was born: the #KekeChallenge, where you jump out of a slow moving car and dance to In My Feelings (like Shiggy did). Some of the videos were absolute gold, others… not so much.

#2 – Influencers schminfluencers

We do love a great influencer event or campaign, we really really do. But it appears that the heat took his toll on some influencer campaigns in July… The pretty Yentl Keuppens for example, we expect her to promote fashion or beauty brands. But beans? We simply can’t see the relevance in that. Same thing with Lipton’s Disconnect to Connect influencer campaign. Influencers posted stories or an Instagram post where they announced a social media detox, which is really cool but we don’t really believe in it. Influencers that don’t touch their phones for a day? Never. Gonna. Happen.

#3- Heatwave

We couldn’t miss this one, especially because our office didn’t have any airconditioning… Yup, the heatwave was real these past few weeks. And ofcourse, we could count on to come up with a funny top topical post, and our very own North & Away also saw the opportunity and took it with both hands.

#4 – Insta Q&A

The newest Instagram update arrived! You can now do a Q&A or something else with the new “Questions” feature. At first, there was a little confusion on how we should use it. How are you using it at the moment? We couldn’t help but test it!


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