A few weeks ago, on the 20th of june to be precise, Instagram launched it’s newest feature. InstagramTV. A new application and an integrated function for the existing platform for watching and uploading vertically filmed videos. It’s been almost two months, so let’s give it a little review!

Let’s go all out on content

So what is InstagramTV exactly? Well to keep it simple, InstagramTV functions a lot like any other videoplatform in existence, but this time it’s on Instagram. And it arrived at a convenient time, since watching regular TV has been replaced by streaming services en endlessly clicking on YouTube recommendations. It’s personal and has no real boundaries (yet). Anyone can start a channel to create any kind of content. Wanna start a news channel hosted by kittens; go ahead. Always dreamed of creating your own low budget sitcom, live your dream! Or are you just gonna sit down in front of the camera and address the latest conspiracy theories on the existence of extraterrestrial beings, well pick your poison!

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Online video panic

User-generated-video platforms are nothing new, but InstagramTV is making a difference by being the only platform focussing on vertical video. So don’t fret YouTubers, we’re not stealing your thunder just yet. In comparison to YouTube, Instagram co-found Kevin System claims Instagram TV gives the possibility of creating more engaging and emotional content.

Should YouTubers be worried?

Well, it’s a little early to start comparing IGTV with YouTube, since the latter has been in the business for over 10 years. Content creators from all over the world have been drawn to it to create everything from professional to just fun videos. Claiming IGTV is giving “a more personal and engaging” way of creating videos seems a little strange when we’ve been following some YouTubers live through the high and low points of their lives for years now.

What IGTV has done right is creating a platform that makes video sound easy again and more social than ever. Through the years YouTube became less accessible for content filmed by low quality camera’s. IGTV makes phone cameras the ideal tool for its content, while being integrated in one of the most popular social platforms. So anyone who owns a decent quality phone can start creating videos and uploading them. No worries about asking viewers to “like, follow and subscribe” because there’s already an audience right in front of you. Your existing followers will instantly discover your video when you upload it (yes, yet another notification popping up on your screen – we know!)

Who’s gonna be Instagram’s next TV-star?

Well it’s certainly not gonna be every different brand releasing it’s ads on InstagramTV, because who watches tv for commercials anyways? And right now it’s the brands and professional content creators who are taking up the space on the IGTV-screen. But It could also be you, sitting on the couch, phone in your hand and a brilliant idea in your head. There’s no real categories yet, so anything goes. But as always you should try something new, something different and of course, something VERTICAL.