We need to talk about this.As much as you like to act like you do this to protect your own privacy, you probably don’t. Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of accounts that are private and better stay that way. But you’re probably not one of them. Accounts that are righteously private don’t have 50k followers and don’t post for their photos to be seen and shared by the internet of things. But, here’s a list of things they do seem to have:

  • A small amount of followers
  • Mostly friends or family
  • Share content that is straight from the heart
  • Aren’t after 20k likes per photo
  • But just want to share happy moments

This list is by no means exhaustive; it’s just meant to give you a taste of how this function is actually used in a right way. We get it. There are some benefits linked to switching from public to private like creating a bit of mystery. That might gain you followers because it’s like the new apple in the garden of Eden and all the Eves in the world might wanna take a bite.

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This is directly linked to The EXCLUSIVITY PRINCIPLE = “you have to follow me to enjoy my pictures”.

But again, this attitude suits you in no way because most of your posts are created to be liked, seen and especially shared by as much people as possible.

Another logical reason why you do this might be to reduce spam: as in comments or messages from people who just want to gain followers or post crappy things on your profile. But why O why do you care? Especially the accounts that only memes and funny stuff… It’s not like that might generate a comment from the next Albert Einstein with an idea to cure cancer.

So that’s no excuse.

And no, it’s also not an excuse that you want people to share your memes with their best friends but then the best friend needs to follow you to go ‘Haha- LOL- ROFL-etc, etc,..- so you have an extra follower.

The only thing that might seem a legit reason to do this is to use it as a method of identifying and reaching your target market. So you can choose to accept or deny a follower based on wether their in your target group or not. Because we all know that having lots and lots of random followers is mostly pointless.

Is that why you do it?? I honestly doubt that. You are not really drippin’ in that finesse

So not to get all preachy or anything, but remember that there are people in the world who sometimes just want to smile with something a friend has shared but don’t immediately are interested in the rest of your 200 posts a day content. So please put those profiles back on public?