September kicks in, time to bring things back to normal. During these long, warm days in the summer there is usually less engagement and content with so many vacations. Despite of the fact people were less interactive during the past months, some brands succeeded to put their social media game on fleek. Let’s have a look:

#1 – #justdoit

Let’s make things clear: you can take her catsuit, but you can’t take away Serena’s superpowers. After French Open won’t let Serena Williams wear her black catsuit, Nike matched this powerful statement with an Instagram post of the brand ambassador wearing the contentious suit.

#2 – 6LACK Drops Release Date

Fact: I can’t stop listening to ‘Switch’ by 6LACK.  These days the rapper from Atlanta is creating a massive buzz for singles Nonchalant and Switch“, and there’s more to come. East Atlanta Love Letter is ready to release on September 14th. The campaign leading up to the album is both creative and genius as it creates an open dialogue and viral trend amongst his fans.

my album ‪#eastatlantaloveletter drops 9/14 💌‬

Een bericht gedeeld door bear (@6lack) op

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#3 – EXTRA clean thanks to Come a Casa

The rumor has it citronella doesn’t repel mosquitoes but it has a self-cleaning-effect when you put it in your oven by 200 degrees. Come a Casa‘s social media manager thoughts: Let’s feed the online community with something more than tasty pictures.

#4 – Quick Belgium

Act like Quick Belgium, when it comes to effective social media advertising. When advertising on social media, it’s important to refresh your creative content and keep it real fresh and relevant.