When it comes to Twitter, we can divide the world into two categories: those who can stay relevant by only using 280 characters and those who can’t. 

Think you’re up for the challenge? Here’s why you should be


It’s the tiniest blog ever

So one of the most famous famous characteristics of Twitter is its limited use of characters to say something. Writing down something that’s on your mind is easy, writing it in just 280 characters, well that might get tricky at times. And trust me, you weren’t there when we still had to the limit of 140 signs *shivers*. Twitter is what we call a microblog. Its short pieces of content are ideal to read and scroll through and get updated on news, opinions and random thoughts of your peers

Endless possibilities

So this microblog, what is it about then? Well quite frankly, ANYTHING. Do you want to write a dozen tweets about the newest conspiracy theory behind Britney Spears, good. Write daily updates on how much your cat sleeps during the day, well be my guest! There’s an audience for anything and everything on twitter. Staying relevant is easy, just choose a topic and make sure you tweet frequently. And don’t worry about any algorithm horrors, because Twitter still has a chronological feed with the best tweets popping up here and there occasionally.

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Need for speed

Want to communicate or receive updates fast? Twitter is literally your highway to information paradise. Whatever happens in the world will be trending in minutes through hashtags with thousands of people tweeting along with it. When your colleagues are discussing what they think is the hottest topic in social media, you probably read it on Twitter two hours before.

Let’s talk.

So aside from all the tweeting fun, Twitter actually proves to have a great professional value as well. Twitter is an ideal tool for some top notch community management, because of it’s quick and short messages. It’s easy for customers to just tag a company and write them a short tweet, which can start a conversation easily. Bothered by the limit of 280 characters? No problem, a conversation you started using tweets, could easily go on in DM’s for extra support.

Set up your professional or private account, read and write to your hearts content. Because on Twitter, anything goes.

So what is your first tweet going to be?