On a day like this, we searched for the best Social Media posts related to #WorldAnimalDay!

A day we celebrate every year by sharing our best animal pictures we have and by showing our love for animals. Social media was definitely overloaded with cuteness! Even some big brands and celebrities have shared their love for animals. Let’s have a look at some creative and inspiring posts:

#1 – Canon Italia

Canon Italia shared this post on their Instagram. A very outstanding picture that really fits the brand. They asked their followers if they have any close-ups that are so fun to share, and if they do, to share and tag Canon in it. A very engaging and funny post.

What animal do you think this is?

#2 – Diplo in Zimbabwe

Famous American DJ Diplo (member of Major Lazer) is showing his love for animals in a very special and inspiring way. He’s currently visiting the non – profit organization vetpaw which protects the African wildlife. 🐘

Diplo and the Major Lazer crew are there to see what goes into protecting the big greys and want to create awareness around the rhino poaching crisis.


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Double tap if you wanna protect Rhinos at all costs

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#3 – Cutest Deliveroo

Deliveroo Belgium didn’t forget about World Animal Day and posted this cute picture. Would you order this one?🐱


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Happy #worldanimalday 📸@ludiecken . . . . #animals#cat#dog#food#love#deliveroo

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#4 – Essence cosmetics

Essence cosmetic is a makeup brand which says no to animal testing! Yesterday, they’ve shared this picture with this cute little pig.  A great opportunity for them to remind people for what they stand for.