If there’s one thing we know for sure about social media, it’s this: they’re everywhere. 

In the past few years, social networking has managed to interfere in almost every part of our lives. We use it to stay connected to (old) friends, to be up to date concerning the latest fashion trends, to make sure we don’t miss out on important events, and even to look for a partner. Also in terms of job hunting, social media has become increasingly important lately. Companies are not only using LinkedIn (globally the best known professional network) as a recruitment tool, but are also looking for other ways to promote their vacancies and company culture online. Let’s take a closer look on the most important trends we noticed in this context!

Say ‘hi’ to generation Z!

One major shift we have to keep in mind, is that Millennials are slowly making place for generation Z: a brand new cohort that is completely digital native. The younger members of gen Z never even knew a life without digital impact, which is a huge challenge for acquisition departments: where they just figured out how to attract Millennials, it is now time to adapt recruitment strategies again.

Since generation Z grew up in an almost-completely digital world, the expectations of its member concerning all thing digital even exceed those of generation Y. Social media is their virtual home, and they’re the first ones to be active on new, trending networks. No need to emphasize the importance for companies and acquisition departments to be active on these networks, and to keep up to date with what’s new. Without any activity on social media, companies are excluding an entire (and important!) generation from their talent acquisition pool. Let’s get social… right now.

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Instagram is everywhere

We’re talking about Instagram a lot on our blog, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s the WE LIKE YOU team’s most loved social network. Lately though, we’ve seen a shift in what the network is used for, and that’s mainly thanks to Instagram Stories. Not only can we post pretty, visual content on personal and branded pages (imagine the opportunities for employer branding!), we can also share ‘less pretty’ and more ‘volatile’ content though the network’s Stories.

Let’s face two facts: a brand’s Instagram Stories are viewed 35% more than its Snapchat Stories, and the rise of Stories has led to a decrease in the engagement on regular Instagram posts. This is huge, definitely when we’re keeping in mind the upcoming of generation Z candidates. If companies are aiming at a higher engagement rate, more followers, and – most importantly in this context – more potential hires, Instagram Stories can’t be excluded from their acquisition strategy anymore.

LinkedIn is a content platform

When talking about recruiting and professional matters on social media, LinkedIn is without a doubt the most known and appropriate social media network in the field. With over 560 million users, it can’t be ignored when looking for new talent, especially since the platform sort of “reinvented” itself lately: it has shifted from a very basic and formal network, towards a major content factory.

Over 100 000 new articles are begin published every week, contributing to LinkedIn’s huge importance when it comes to producing organic content. This gives great opportunity to acquisition teams to share content of all kinds: articles about company culture, about innovation, about the recruiting process, about team buildings, etc. – the options are endless.

Also: let’s not forget about passive candidates – people who are in fact employed and aren’t really looking for a new job, but would be open to discussing a new role. Imagine the opportunity of reaching out to these people by offering them useful, educational articles to get them to know your brand or company… and build relationships with them. It’s clear that using LinkedIn as the content platform it became and showing possible new hires what it’s like to work at your company, should be a main choice in creating an acquisition strategy.

Recruiting via social media: the next big thing

With all the above – and not even having discussed Facebook in this context – it should be obvious that recruiting via social media is here to stay. Spreading your brand’s story on social networks, not only to customers or clients but also to possible new hires, has become of incredible value when it comes to acquiring new talent. Companies that can come up with creative ways in dealing with this phenomenon, are most likely to attract the most talented people in the field.

So… time to think out of the box, and benefit from the opportunities social media has to offer for your talent acquisition pool! Get in touch with one of our team members to get your acquisition strategy on point.