These days, it’s important to understand how valuable social can be for you brand.Brand building isn’t about defining all the parts separately and founding a perfect solution for all of them. You need to look at your brand like you would solve a Sudoku. You can only play this game successfully by looking at the full system and by combining things. Don’t choose between brand moments and brand meanings to build your brand. Combine them! Social can connect moments and meanings like music did with Lennon McCartney.

Let’s have a look at these social ways to do this:

#1 – Commitment

Commitment is about sharing content which matters and content which inspires your audience. Nike does this as no one else. A great example of this is their ‘Breaking2’ campaign they did last year. It’s a documentary of three elite runners who are trying to break the two-hour barrier for the marathon. This kind of content inspires athletes to keep chasing their own goals and break the boundaries of human ability.



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Eliud Kipchoge – 2:00:25 The barrier just got that much closer. #Breaking2 #JustDoIt

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#2 – Commerce

Commerce is related to your commitment. When you’re making inspiring and engaging content, your commerce will automatically raise. Showing your products or brand in a specific and inspiring  way, will encourage people to buy. To go further on the ‘Breaking2’ project of Nike, they’ve made great content which wasn’t just a commercial to promote their shoes. Yet, the sale of the shoes the elite runners were wearing during the marathon, was huge.  Don’t make content that just tells your audience ‘buy our new product’, tell your story around your products and brand.

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#3 – Community

Social is the perfect way to build a community for your brand. Take a look at Lego. They have a community of 3 specific groups even though their products are toys for children. They reach children, parents and even adult fans of Lego. They even have a separate website called lego ideas where people can share their ideas, participate contests and communicate with each other. Never forget the community building aspect.


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🎶They see me rollin’… 😎 Happy #NationalPugDay! ✨ #LEGO #LEGOBuild #Pugs

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#4 – Care

Let people know you care about them. After you’ve shared your content, it’s important to stay involved. Communicate with your audience and take every reaction serious and respond back. This will built their trust and believe in your brand.

#5 – Culture  

Never forget to take advantage of cultural trends and movements. How can you do that? Have a look at what Netflix did. These days, spoilers ruin tv-shows, resulting in a consistent flow of engaged fans. However, Netflix releases all episodes at once. Therefore it was necessary to came up with a campaign with a focus on keeping audiences engaged. For the launch of season two, they didn’t avoid spoilers, they started with them. They even spoiled their own premiere by leaking the first episode two days early, by using Facebook Live. They kept fans busy in every possible way. This has led to 4 million social engagements. So have a look around you, see what keeps people busy and use it to get to your audience.  


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History is the biggest spoiler. #PabloDies

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