When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers: it’s near Halloween!

And because the M-kids told us it’s their favorite party and they like a good scare, we decided that it was time to shock you all with a countdown of the 5 most shockingly bad social media mistakes that have been made in 2018 so far.

So jump on the Ghost Train because you’re in for a treat (got it? ;-))! 

#05 – The stray hair

This is just an awful bunch of hocus pocus. Technically, it was a post made at the end of december of 2017 but we cannot stand to just let it pass like a witch in the night. 😉

You see what they did there? Uhuh! This Chinese sneaker manufacturer published a story with a stray of hair in the center. So it looked like there was one on your screen. Pretty clever because it tricked users to swipe when watching the story and they got send directly to the website. Obscure, no?

#04 – Miele’s Women’s day misfire 

Oh boy, oh boy. We don’t even know how to start on this one. Miele’s view on celebrating modern women on International Women’s Day? Reinforcing the 1950s housewife stereotype.

We get the point. A brand wants to highlight his/her product as much as they can. But having 4 women being exited over a washer and a dryer on women’s day (or any day at all-we hate spending time on doing laundry too, you know but we can’t just walk around dirty and smelly) was not their best idea. Miele had to delete the post a few hours after putting it online.

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#03 – Burger King: free Whoppers for World Cup babies 

We always say: when life throws you a burger, just eat it! But in this case we might reconsider our own advice. Burger King Russia launched a promotion on VK (some kind of bizarre Russian social network):

Need some translation? Got your back:

Burger King, as part of the social responsibility programme has announced a reward for women who get pregnant from the world recognized soccer celebrities. Each will receive 3million rubles and a lifetime supply of Whoppers. Women who succeed in genetic progeny will be responsible for the future success of Russian football team for generations to come. Let’s do it! We believe in you!

Oh yes they did. They really offered a lot of money and a lifetime supply of burgers when you got pregnant from a Russian footballstar. Surprise, surprise there was an immediate backlash all over social media and news. They had to remove the post and write an excuse – post instead.

Too bad, Burger King!

#02 – US Air Force VS Yanny / Laurel

As if the whole Yanny/Laurel thing wasn’t awful enough, US Air Force’s jokes about it really want to make you fly away on your broomstick as fast as you can. They tweeted this:

We don’t need to tell you that this might be one of the most tone-deaf tweets of 2018. The post immediatly received a lot of comments from Twitter users around the world for joking about civilian casualties due to bombings in Afghanistan. Offcourse US Air Force deleted the tweet right away and apologized.

#01 – The Snapchat Rihanna Quiz 

If you haven’t been shocked already, this will do the trick (see what we did there ;-)):

In March 2018, Snapchat ran an ad for a game called “Would You Rather” The choices were: Punching Chris Brown or….. Slap Rihanna!


You don’t mock the domestic abuse she had suffered or violence in any kind of way, Snapchat!

Ofcourse the lady singer was furious (who wasn’t?) and posted on her Instagram stories:

Thousands of users uninstalled the app so Snapchat had to remove the ad and apologize.

Wicked, don’t you think?

Soooo that was all folks. Hope you had a good scare and you’re now totally into the Ol’Hallows Eve atmosphere. And always remember: you’re never too old to beg for free candy.

Sending spooky love your way!