The end of the summer is not the end of the world. We just had to say ‘Goodbye September and hello October!’ Unfortunately, this month of pumpkins, Halloween candy, beautiful colors, tea and warm socks has already come to an end. As a brand, it would be a waist to let this month pass without doing anything for Halloween.

Let’s have a look some spooktacular social media campaigns;

#1 – Dunkin’s Halloween Costume Contest

The Joker, an evil clown or a zombie? It doesn’t always need to be that scary. For Halloween, Dunkin’ Donuts have invited their fans to dress themselves up with a spooky n’ sweet costume inspired by the chain’s “donuts, coffee, lattes and more.” To enter, people just needed to share their costume on Instagram with the hashtag #DunkinDressUpContest. The price? $1,000 & Free Coffee For A Year! 🍩

#2 – Lush Cosmetics 

If you just wanted a cosy night at home but still wanted to celebrate Halloween, Lush Cosmetics had the perfect combo for you! Trick or treat yourself to a nice bath with Lush Cosmetics exclusive Halloween-themed collection. Ghost in the dark Soap, Eyeball Bath Bomb, Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar,… . Just amazing how these products match the season, every brand should think of this because the holiday season is a great time to keep building up your brand. 🎃

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#3 – Netflix & Chills’

Stream to scream with Netflix & Chills’! With this collection, Netflix came up with a whole bunch of new spooky TV shows and movies. This package has something for everyone! The die-hard horror fans who want to see blood all over their screen or the ones who aren’t into super scary movies but still want to enjoy Halloween-themed television. They’ve even created a ‘What to Watch Based on Scare Factor’ infographic just to make sure, you can still sleep at night… or not. What is your scare factor? 👻

#4 – Ghosted M&M’s

Halloween exists of costums, decoration and ofcourse…candy! Perfect for M&M’s to launch a Halloween marketing stunt. This year, they’ve created a short video called ‘Ghosted’ with a tragic storyline about how “not all candies will survive Halloween without being eaten”. And what would Halloween be without some spookalicious pumpkin M&M’s, they are the perfect treat.