8 Weeks later and 3 kilos heavier, my internship has come to an end.  These weeks passed by in no time! I can still remember the moment I was writing my first blog, on my first day. I have to admit, this was very exciting. Now, I’m already writing a blog about the things I remember the most of my internship at WLY. Let’s have a look:

WLY got talent

Not sure who won the talent show for me, was it Bert with his particular dance moves, was it Cassandre with her best costume or was it Eva with her standing out voice? 🎤 Beyond this karaoke sessions at the office, I can say for sure that they are all talented people, one by one, all in their on way. That’s what I really like about WLY and I noticed during these weeks. Everyone can just be themselves and there is no shame. Such a great team to work with, even so great that it doesn’t always felt like work.


Good Food  

We Like You or We Like Food? Deciding what to eat was also included in my internship tasks and a hard job to do.  Deliveroo or Albert Heijn? You could say WLY is the reason these two both got rich. Some delicious pasta, donuts, pizza,…? The Deliveroo guy was always welcome! Lucky me that I’ve just started going to the gym, otherwise they could have rolled me out of office.🍕

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The end.

Like I already said, these 8 weeks flew by. I learnt a lot during these weeks and met some great people who can turn work into a little party in just a few seconds. Learning and working but still having fun and enjoying yourself, that’s how it should be. But like all Disney fans (especially Cassandre & Yente) will know, all fairy-tales end at some point. Time to say goodbye and to log out from all the social media accounts. See you on Instagram! 👋