That’s what we heard last summer from Joyce and Eva.The going to London part was not that hard, but keeping it calm wasn’t. London Calling, you know?! 😉 Weeks and weeks before we were so exited and couldn’t wait to visit the city of red phone boots, Tower Bridge and of course the Queen! God save the Queen.

But we weren’t only there for some sightseeing. Our main focus during the trip was without a doubt one of the biggest events in social media: Social Media Week London. 3 days filled with inspiring talks, workshops and people. As it was Cassandre’s first time (Like a Virgin-Oowh) she didn’t really know what to expect. Yente already went once and was more like a real ‘Ancien’ and also Cassandre’s London Guide. What a title. With more than 50 speakers spread over 3 days we really had our hands full. And because sharing is caring, we will now gladly fill you in with 7 of the most inspiring, interesting and fun things we’ve seen and heard. Ready? Let’s rumble!

#01 – Social media HAS the power of bringing people together.

In fact, the world is twice as connected as it was before. Not only because we now have a network of real people with only 3,5 degrees of separation, but also because we have a more direct connection with people from everywhere around the world. So if you combine people’s good intentions with the power of social media, you can really enhance the wellbeing of every individual. Think Facebook Fundraisers, think of awareness. That’s really a force of good in the world.

#02 – Can you make it go viral?

Simple answer: NO! There is no strategy, there is no plan, there is no conspiracy theory. What will go viral is just content that people actually give a shit about. No other simple answer to that.

#03 – We want an engagement strategy.

Of course brands do. But what they seem to forget is that engagement is not a strategy. It’s a tool. Ask a question, create a dialogue and in the first place: listen to your audience and your customers. Ask to really hear, not to have higher numbers on your monthly report. ‘Cause in the end, people that really define meaningful engagement is you and me.

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#04 – Which platform will rule the future?

Well that is an easy question. Everything that gives the world bite-sized chunks of snackable content. Concrete? IG stories.

#05 – The format of the message is just as important as the message itself.

To make people really want to share your social content, it should feel at home in it’s environment. Big tip if you’re really searching for that ‘viral thingy’.

#06 – Access to eyeballs is not the same as attention.

This is not really an eyeopener 😉 😉 but it is a great reminder. It’s not because you have an OTS that your ads are really seen. Why? Because when advertising is ignored, it’s because it looks like advertising. Solution? Entertain while telling your brand message. Because we have a growing audience desperate for entertainment. Branded storytelling really needs to evolve to new formats & new narratives.

#07 – What should media companies be doing?

Build niches, experiment with different content, give audience what they want, have a clear voice and mission and use data to find what an audience wants. Find the right branded content partners. Or if you can, build new revenue.

So that was all folks. We were inspired, hope you are too! If you have any questions, Team SMWLDN at your service. After reading this, do you think that some of these insights might be useful to your brand in particular? Don’t hesitate and drop us a line! We’d love to connect – reach out to

With love,
Yente & Cassandre