“If you want to be hip, copying hipsters is a bad move.” 

… But that’s not the way LinkedIn sees it, as they’ve just launched a cheap Instagram stories knockoff this week. Remember when WhatsApp did it? Or Facebook? Nobody does.


A LinkedIn spokesperson tells us what we’re supposed to be posting on LinkedIn Stories:

“Academic experiences like internships, career fairs and class projects that you’d want to show off to recruiters as part of their personal brand.”


Wait, wasn’t the whole point of stories that they disappear, and you don’t have to worry too much about their impact on your “personal brand”. We’re confused.

Personally, I think authenticity is a tough one to promote on a job platform. It’s all about the stiff upper lip and social desirability. I cringe at the thought of having to film myself as an introduction to a potential employer.

But hey, when you’re desperate to appeal to the new generation, any desperate measure will do.

Happy birth and see you soon at your funeral, LinkedIn Stories! 😉

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