Have you ever seen 39-year-old women camp out in front of Target to get their hands on an air-fryer with 20% discount? 

Probably not, but during Black Friday in America, you’ll definitely encounter one. As a brand, Black Friday is a great way to get your brand out there, because everyone is looking for discounts and you can profit from that. The best way to create brand awareness? You guessed it right: post about it on social media.

Here are some Black Friday social media posts that will make your credit card cry:


Imagine a world where flight tickets were as cheap as the sandwich you had for lunch today. Well, good news for you: it’s possible. Ryanair launched a campaign on their website and socials that promote flight tickets for 10 euros to pretty much everywhere in Europe. Yeah, you read it right. Maybe you should trade your daily iced coffee for a flight ticket to Prague or London? Trust me, the coffee there is way better.

#02 – ASOS

What are you doing with your life if you haven’t discovered ASOS yet? I’ll answer for you: nothing. The fashion webshop posted on their Instagram that they provide a 20% discount on EVERYTHING. I repeat: EVERYTHING. ASOS used Black Friday as an opportunity to generate more engagement on their post. Their followers have to count how many bags there are in the picture and comment it below the post. Afterwards, the brand will choose one lucky follower that will win a 1000 EUR gift voucher. Very smart of them to use Black Friday as a platform to create brand awareness and get the conversation going.

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We can all agree that our home girl Kylie Jenner is slaying the beauty business. If you’re into make-up, you’ve probably tried to purchase one (or seven) of her high-quality lip products. One problem? Her products are always out of stock. To celebrate Black Friday, our favourite Jenner (sorry Kendall) is restocking her products with a discount up to 50%. And of course, she posted about in on her Instagram account. What are you waiting for? Go get fabulous right now!


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BLACK FRIDAY sale starts now on KylieCosmetics.com! 40% off all lip products, 30% off face products and palettes! 🖤🛍

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Who can say no to a delicious Whopper burger at Burger King? Calories don’t really count on Black Friday, right?

Burger King recently launched the site Whopper-shopper.com, which lets you shop at over 1,000 brands, from H&M to Topshop, and get a free Whopper voucher with your purchases. The best of both worlds, right? A great example of a great partnership between two brands.

FYI: WE LIKE YOU is not reasonable for your empty bank account after Black Friday. We just create great fucking social media content. 💁

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