(Instagram) Stories, the channel that we should all invest in. 

But what are the features of stories and what can we achieve by using them? Let’s dive right into it!


Facebook, YouTube and even LinkedIn?!  

Instagram was the real trendsetter here. They launched the Story feature in 2016 and it has evolved a great deal since then. Facebook quickly followed, but stories are not that often used there. Certainly not by brands.

YouTube also launched their Story feature a few days ago, but not everyone can use it. You only have access to the feature when you have 10.000 subscribers or more. This could be very interesting for vloggers to announce when they’ve uploaded a new video on their channel. Definitely something to watch!

Even LinkedIn is testing with some Stories! Named as “Student Voices”, you can see story-like buttons displayed on your homepage. The name suggests that it could be part of LinkedIn’s higher education tools, so maybe it’s not here to stay. But it COULD be!

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Stories for your BFFs

You might have noticed a new button when you’re making an Instagram Story; instead of publishing the story for all your followers to see, you can select a few friends who will see the story pop up on their feed. This is a great way to hide your stories from your mom who just discovered Instagram and is watching your every step 😉 but it also opens a lot of doors for influencers. They can create multiple streams of content throughout Stories and of course, charge you for it. Yes, you read it right.

Some influencers let their followers pay to be their “Close Friend” for a certain period of time to give them exclusive content. Twisted or a great marketing move? You’ll be the judge of that!


What’s next?

We’ve seen some very cool features on Instagram like the ability to add GIFs on your story, highlight your stories so they’ll remain visible, question stickers (a great way to do a Q&A competition or to ask for suggestions) and even shopable stickers for (fashion) brands.

What’s your favourite feature of the Instagram Stories and what’s still missing? Let us know!