Silent night, holy night! 🎶 All is calm, all is bright 🎶…

Except for our Instagram DM’s this past few days. Maybe you heard, maybe you didn’t but since last Monday Instagram has launched voice messages in their DM’s.

The company announced the feature in a tweet on Monday, December 10, saying: 

We’re assuming you can speak in a normal voice, too.
We assume that singing Christmas Carols is also allowed.

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Concrete this feature will allow users to record and send audio messages in private and group chats.

The ‘How To’ is quit simple: just go to a convo, hold the microphone button down and start singing/talking. Too out of tune? Slide your finger over the trash can button to delete it.

It is a bit odd that Instagram has waited so long to launch this feature in it’s DM’s. After all, voice messaging is becoming one of the preferred methods of communication on platforms like WhatsApp or Messenger. This is also the second reason why this late launch is kind of strange: we have been using this feature already for ages on Messenger, which is kind of the same company.

Since we’ve already noticed that people are more and more relying on Instagram as their main social media and messaging app instead of Facebook, it is of course normal that they want to add as much features as possible from Facebook on Instagram.

This can possibly be a threat for ‘the gram’, since it may lose some of it’s charm by adding all those extra’s. Talking about extra’s, you might want to check your Instagram Stories too, since they also added some new things there 🎉.

Let us know what you think about all those new things, we’re happy to ping pong with you about how we can make this work for your brand.

The only thing that is left to voice record now is ‘tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la laaaaaa la la la laaaaaa’