Let’s start the new year with a bang! 💥

No, wait, the year is almost over again? Did we miss something here? 2018 was the year in which live video broke through completely, the influencer marketing was endangered and chatbots were not as successful as predicted. Will this be better in 2019? It’s the right time now to start planning your social media strategy for the new year.  Let’s keep ourselves up to date with the predicted trends for 2019 you can’t afford to miss out! Let’s have a quick look, shall we? 🤓

#1 – The rise and rise of stories

For a long time, companies have been used to posting content in the form of posts on their company page. These are then promoted to target groups. This will change completely, because everything revolves around stories, whether on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. This is a new form of content, which is much more focused on offering short, temporary full screen storylines that will play a more prominent roll in 2019.

#2 – Conversion channel

In 2018, the focus was less on interactions, such as likes, shares, comments, but more on performance, such as e-commerce and conversion, also, the percentage of visitors who proceed to a transaction. There is no way back now! In 2019 social media will increasingly be (again) a conversion channel.

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#3 – A revival of groups

Closed-ended groups, such as on Facebook and LinkedIn, were an essential part of social media years ago. After that they disappeared a bit, but good news! Such groups are working on a re-experience. Large channels, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, have introduced new features. For example, you can also participate in groups as a brand page. Watch Parties are also a really cool and really underused new feature that was released earlier this year. They let you share public videos on Facebook to a specific group, and watch it in real time with other group members. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are playing an increasingly important role, especially when it comes to gaining more leads. There is a shift from advertising opportunities towards the messaging platforms. 



#4 – Use your voice

Finally, voice will play an increasingly important role on social media. In the past, comments were always textual, but nowadays video messages, places and gifts can be used to respond to various social networks. And so voice is also introduced. LinkedIn has already announced that users can add voice fragments as comments. Podcasts are also on the rise again. Yas!

#5 – Augmented reality shopping

Retail chains in particular use social media not only to draw attention to their brand, but also to their product range. Augmented reality is a golden opportunity to enhance the user’s shop experience and increase conversion. Fitting those beautiful sunglasses digitally on Facebook or Instagram just as quickly before you buy them? It’s already possible. Facebook is already testing augmented reality shopping ads for example. We don’t mind that at all!

#6 – Direct Messaging becomes commercial

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp largely determine the social media landscape. These messaging platforms are extremely popular worldwide. Because this popularity is still growing, there is also a shift in advertising possibilities. Facebook Messenger is leading the way, but WhatsApp is also going to get a commercial touch.

This was our first small glimpse of what’s to come in 2019. We’re so excited to see what else is in store for the social media giants next year. Let’s sparkle already!