It’s the holiday season, which means the season of giving.

Yes, you guessed it right my friend. Today, WE LIKE YOU has something for you as well.  Sadly, we won’t be giving you the new iPhone XR for Christmas, but we’ve got something as equally exciting under the Christmas tree. Here are 5 Christmas social media posts that will make your jingle bells ring. 🎄

# 1 – L.L. Bean / #12DaysOfPuppies

Did you know it was possible to die of cuteness? We didn’t either, but this picture of Angus (@grumpyangus) the bulldog is giving us major breathing problems. American clothing company L.L. Bean took their social media branding to the next level this time around. To promote their brand during the holiday season, they posted 12 adorable puppy pictures leading up to Christmas day.

The best part about this? Every dog is rocking its own festive outfit. How can you not fall in love with little Angus and his Christmas tree crown?! Watch out, Lady Gaga … these dogs are coming for your look.


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On the first day of puppies, our contest winner is: ANGUS! Congratulations @grumpyangus. #12DaysofPuppies

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# 2 – Topshop / Advent calendar

Topshop, you’re doing amazing sweetie. The UK clothing brand sure knows how to make a great social media campaign for the holidays. They created an online advent calendar on Instagram, which started at the beginning of December. Every day leading up to Christmas, the brand posted a picture that revealed a new item of clothing item with the purchase link in bio. Simple, but a creative and fun way to put your brand out there.


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On the fourth day of Christmas, surprise someone with our snakeskin bag 🎁 Shop via the 🔗 in bio.

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# 3 – Starbucks / Red cups

Coffee lovers, it’s red cup season! The holidays are the best time of the year to grab a coffee at Starbucks. Yes, the regular Starbucks cups look iconic itself, but we can all agree that the red holiday cups look better on your Instagram Story, right?

In previous years, the Starbucks holiday cup has been red with a variety of holiday designs. Together with its unique green logo, it made for a very festive, if not minimalist, holiday nod. The red cup campaign is so popular and anticipated; it even has a countdown clock leading up to the comeback on November 1st. The things people do for a pretty cup of coffee, right? … And with ‘people’ we mean ourselves, because hello who doesn’t like coffee?


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Sometimes the best presents are actually in front of the tree. 🎁🎄 #GingerbreadLatte Regram: @trishaglass

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# 4 – Lush / Instagram Stories Gift Guide

Lush knows how to keep up a flawless Instagram feed, even during the holiday season. This year, the brand didn’t have a specific social media campaign like other companies, but it deserved a spot in our top 5 best social media posts. Again, have you seen their Christmas feed?! (link naar feed)

The brand promoted the holiday season on their Instagram Stories. ‘Gift Guide’ was a series that helped followers decide what to buy for their loved ones. Since December 1st, the brand posted creative gift ideas for people to purchase on their stories.


# 5 – Dunkin’ / #DozenDaysOfJoy

Of course, we had to include some kind of food brand in our top 5 best social media posts. Yes, we take our love for Dunkin’ Donuts very seriously. Aside from them having the best donuts on the entire planet, they also did a very kind act over the holidays.

This season, Dunkin’ wanted to spread some joy at the drive thru. The first person in line was offered a free meal if they paid for the person right behind them. More than 90 customers got a ‘free’ order at Dukin’, just because they paid for other clients. Talk about an act of kindness? The experience was filmed and put on Dunkin’s social media with the hashtag #DozenDaysOfJoy. Just take a look at the video, it made our donut hearts melt. 🍩

There you have it, our favourite holiday social media posts of 2018. Merry Christmas and have a great and safe 2019, because we like you, a lot. 💋