January is upon us.

Instead of running to the gym, starting a juice cleanse or stop complaining for a month, we’d rather focus on something different. Social! What else?  Here are three good intentions for 2019 every brand on social should have.


Intention 01: A lil’ less top topical

Top topicals are crutches that prevent you from walking the way of utility. What questions your core audience has, could be answered by your brand? Bonus points if your answer elicits an emotion as well.


Intention 02: Stop seeing social as expensive

Don’t get us wrong, social costs money, but it shouldn’t be a cost, it can be a source of revenue. Make a PnL plan for social and aim for a minimum of break even this year. Come on, tigers!


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Intention 03: JUST don’t DO IT

Your digital marketing team is limited, and so is your budget. If you can’t keep up with the maintenance needed on a certain social media channel, just don’t do it. Maybe it’s time to let go of that dead Instagram account? Limit, limit, limit… and thrive on the channels you do choose.


From all of us at WE LIKE YOU: have a happy new year. May all your unused gym subscriptions be reimbursable in February.