Ready to spice up your Instagram game? We got you covered. Stop everything you’re doing right now and become a pro at Instagram by following these next steps. 📸

#01 – know what type of account you are

Before you post anything on your Instagram there’s something you need to figure out: who are you. If you’re into fashion and lifestyle it would be weird to post 12 pictures of the mac and cheese you made last night. I mean, do what your heart desires but stick to who you are while creating content for Instagram.

#02 – use similar or the same filters

If you want to have a consistent look in your Instagram feed: use the same filter on every picture. VSCO cam is an application that has some great filters that will make your Instagram grid look ascetically pleasing. In this application, you can even adjust how effective you want the filter to be, so it fits with every picture you post. Here are a few of our favorites:

#03 – white borders … don’t sweetie don’t

Hard to break it to you, but white borders look like horror on your Instagram feed. Sure, 2012 was a great time to use white borders around your pictures. Some things are just better to leave in the past…and white borders are definitely one of them. If you really have the urge to post a vertical picture just post in on your Instagram Stories. These days, Instagram lets you post vertical pictures that look square in the feed, so you don’t have to worry about that. Your pretty Instagram feed will thank us later.

#04 – good lighting is your best friend

Good lightning should be your best friend while taking pictures for your Instagram. Unless your feed has a dark undertone, then use a lot of contrast in the pictures. It really depends on what aesthetic and look you’re going for. If your feed has a lot of white and blue elements in it there should be enough brightness in your photos. A feed that has loads of black and dark undertones does not require a lot of lighting, but more contrast. Again, this depends on the Instagram look you’re going for. Tip: if you want to take a selfie with great lighting: go stand in front of a window with your phone in front of it. Result? A selfie with the perfect touch of lighting.

#05 – rearrange the order of your posts

Some may find this following tip a bit extra, but hey everything for a great Instagram feed, right? Use applications such as UNUM, Inpreview and Planoly to plan and rearrange the order of your Instagram pictures. By using these applications, you can easily remove, add and swipe pictures to check whether they fit in your feed.

#06 – post consistently

Don’t let your followers wait ten years for a new Instagram picture. It’s really important to find a consistent time schedule in your posts. Even though people love it when you post a new picture, don’t bombard them with 12 selfies a day. Find a healthy time balance in your posts, three to four times a week is more than enough. However, brands could post more often to attract more consumers and engagement to their product or service.

Honestly, if you want to post three pictures a day: you do you, but keep in mind that people may be more hesitant to reach that ‘unfollow’ of ‘mute’ button, because they think you’re annoying. Finding a healthy time schedule is key to the perfect Instagram.

#07 – use a relatable caption

Sure, a great filter is essential for a stunning Instagram photo, but let’s not forget our friend ‘the caption’. Try to make a caption that fits with the context of the picture you’re posting. An example:  If you are posting a picture of you dancing in a club try to have a caption like ‘I may or may not had too many drinks, but who’s counting’ instead of a simple cocktail emoji. Get the difference? A caption like this will attract your audience.

#08 – the use of hashtags: yay or nay?

A little hashtag never hurt nobody, just don’t go crazy on them. Keep in mind that hashtags are a great feature to get your content out there. If you post a picture that was taken in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, you can definitely use #Paris #EiffelTower to get your post seen by more people. Hashtags that you shouldn’t use are ones like #ImInParis  #GirlInParis #LookTheEiffelTower #ParisBaby, because people don’t use these and your post won’t be seen as much and let’s face it: you just look ridiculous. Use hashtags that are to the point and relatable to the content.

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More tips & tricks:

  • Avoid putting the exact same photo next to each other (same outfit, same color, same background color)
  • Post in patterns (example: one photo, one quote, one photo, one quote… easy if you use a grid layout)
  • Space out your photos based on the colors in the photo (avoid putting the exact same colors next to each other)
  • Try to balance the look of your overall feed

There you have it, our 8 tips to spice up your Instagram game. Right now, the only thing you need is a phone, a good editing app and some flawless content ideas that will leave your followers shook.