Google search has evolved a lot over the years. However, if you stuck to an honest SEO plan, you would always get your fair share of organic – “free” – traffic. Google is getting greedy, though, wanting to become a one-stop-shop for answers. They want to transform from a search engine (Google —> Your site) to an answer machine (Google. Full stop.)
  • How? By putting the most likely answer to your question right on the search screen. It may have found the answer on your site and will just quote it. No link, no reference. Nothing.
  • Should we be ringing the doomsday bells? Quite possibly. More than 50% of mobile phone users don’t move beyond the search page anymore when looking for an answer. Your organic traffic cut in half? Quite dramatic.
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So how can you keep a steady traffic to your site?
A viable paid plan on social is the answer. Our top tips:
  1. Don’t just use a click campaign to a broad audience. Define a funnel and only send a click campaign to those who have previously engaged somehow.
  2. Experiment with different audiences and ads, both visually and in copy.
  3. Use campaign optimisation, which will be the standard come September
  4. Last but not least: kill your darlings. If a click campaign has a CPC above the benchmark, just let it go.
How will you be replacing your declining organic traffic?