Instagram is hot, trending, but most importantly: changing every day. Keeping up is important if you want to stay relevant. No clue about what’s happening today on Instagram? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and after reading this, you’ll know all about it!

#01 – Profile page

Based on your profile page, people decide whether to follow you or not. New functionalities that keep popping up are making it complicated, so structure is more important than ever. Think about features like your bio, stories, highlighted stories and feed. Our advice? Keep it simple!

#02 – Algorithm

Just like Instagram itself, its algorithm is changing constantly. At the moment, interactions with your content are the most important thing for your visibility. So the comments on your posts are more valuable than a bunch of likes. And don’t forget: saving a photo or video counts as an interaction too!

#03 – Feed

Want to attract new followers? Focus on your feed! Always remember that choosing is key. Don’t mix and match, but go for one subject, one target group and one style. A good trick is to think in sections. Quotes on Monday or #ootd on Friday, it’s up to you!

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#04 – Stories

If we can give one golden tip: start using stories! Seriously.  Stories will get more views than the regular pictures you post so hop on that train before it’s too late! Stories will not provide you new followers, but they give you the chance to build a relationship with the ones you already have. People will only watch your stories if they already know you, so switch that camera to selfie mode, look for interaction by using the emoji slider and go with the flow!

#05 – Livestreams

Live video is the next big thing. People want to see what you’re doing right now more than what you were doing 2 hours ago or – even worse – a week ago. Since you can’t give your live video a name, it might be smart to announce your livestream. If people know what they’ll be watching, the chance of them dropping out is smaller. Win-win it is!

#06 – Let’s get social 

Investing more time in your followers is totally worth it! A quick how-to guide? Like, follow and comment. Also in stories! It’s all about conversations and interactions, remember? Make sure your content is personal and recognizable. In doing so, people will trust you and see you as the friend you want to be.

#07 – Stats & Tools

If you invest a lot of time and money in Instagram, you probably want to know if your content is doing well. Luckily for you, Instagram is providing more statistics. From now on, you’ll know exactly how many followers a certain post brought in. Want to take your analytics to the next level? Then you should try using tools like Iconosquare or Later.