Who doesn’t love a good Pinterest board with sassy quotes, adorable baby animals and an interior to die for? That’s right we all do, especially the latter. How we dream to have a home that looks “so very Pinterest”. But hey, what if we could? Pinterest is really stepping up their eCommerce game and it could be a great way for webshops to increase traffic on their website and give their (online) sales a boost.

Pinterest has some really cool features already like Pinterest Lens where you can just take a picture of a table at your friend’s house that you absolutely adore, the little tool will analyze the pic for you and give you all the related pins to that specific table. The internet really is a great place, isn’t it?

So naturally, people saw a little business opportunity here. And if that didn’t convince you that there’s great potential for eCommerce here, than a few numbers will definitely do the trick:

  • 98% of people claim to have tried new things that they discovered on Pinterest, where on other platform that number is 71% (beat that, Instagram)
  • People that have Pinterest and tend to pin a few things are 39% more likely to be an active shopper, they spend 29% more money than people who don’t have a Pinterest account
  • 84% of the people use Pinterest when they’re trying to decide what to buy

Ads on Pinterest is a thing already with an amazing effect, because 61% of the people actually purchased something after seeing a promoted pin. Time for Pinterest to add some great features for shopping, in my opinion!

So that’s what they did to maximize business potential. They’re developing two things at the moment: they’re adding new product catalogs and personalized shopping recommendations.

Underneath a pin, you can now see a “more like this” option to discover more pins that are related to the thing you like. In the future, you will also see a “more from this brand” option where you can browse a broader range of product pins of the same brand. Pretty cool, huh? This option keeps the users around for little while longer, which is great to build some brand loyalty on Pinterest. It’s a win-win for the brand!

When Pinterest looks at your boards and what you’ve been saving, they will recommend in-stock ideas related to this. When you click on “more ideas” en then on the shopping tag, you can start shopping new ideas that will match your style. No worries; if you want to save up a little bit more, you can still save the pin and shop it later.

Brands can upload their full catalog on Pinterest, so the platform can easily turn them into pins. Ready to be saved on your style (p)inspiration board. This results in pinners being able to “shop the look”, or should we say “pin the complete look”? Soon, we won’t need an Asos, Zara webshop or Zalando anymore! No wait, just kidding. We see it, we like it, we pin it, we got it! 💁🏼‍♀️

Oh, how we wish Pinterest would be more popular in Belgium! We love this platform and its options. However, we can still set up a very cool campaign involving Pinterest for your brand. Interested? Let’ grab a cup of coffee together and talk social! Drop us a line at hello@welikeyou.social.