If you don’t already know what a call to action is, we will explain it to you right now!  Calls to Action are a specific choice of words and phrases, used to generate comments and likes on your content on every social media platform you could imagine. They can also be used to get your fans click through to your website.

We can divide these into four categories:

  • Learn more
  • Share
  • Tell us what you think
  • Take action

For every category there are different reasons to use all these phrases so let’s get into the basics:

These are really basic examples but we wouldn’t be WE LIKE YOU if we didn’t tell you how to do it better, of course.

Design and the placement of the CTA buttons are almost as important as your choice of words. For example: Boxed Water is doing great with their design of their product on it’s own but their website is very clean and simple so the trick here is to place your button where it belongs. We think this is a great combination of good placement and excellent choice of phrases.

It’s also not bad to give away some frequently asked information. Netflix asks you to ‘Watch free for 30 days’ but they also note: ‘Watch anywhere. Cancel anytime.’ Smart thinking Netflix!

Another great example comes from Johnny Walker. People love personal things so it’s no surprise Johnny Walker scored a lot of points with this CTA phrase: ‘The gift for those that walk with you.’ You only gift something to people who matter to you, Johnny Walker just gets you in your feelings with this one.

The last example is from Uber. They obviously need two calls to action because they have two options to sign up for. Looking at the choice of color, they need more drivers than riders. The blue is standing out more than the white but they are both pretty important. With the CTA ‘Move the way you want’ they score a double with a great choice of phrase.

Basically, what we’re trying to say is to not only look at your words and phrases. Choose surprising questions, work on your teasing and personalization, make an interesting design and call people to action! 😉

We can divide these examples into three categories:

  • Simple & effective (Uber)
  • Great CTA phrases (Boxed Water, Netflix and Johnny Walker)
  • Balancing multiple buttons on one page (Boxed Water and Uber)

You can go and take your CTA to the next level now.