Nowadays, content isn’t only consumed mobile first, but often also created mobile first. There are tons of apps that help you create the perfect picture or video and analyse its results in just a few simple steps. So if you’re not really into Photoshop and After Effects or just don’t have the time for it: this one’s for you! Make sure to free up some space on your smartphone, ‘cause you’re downloading some apps today.

#01 – Planoly

On Instagram, it’s all about that feed. With Planoly, a visual planner, you can see how your posts would look in a grid before you actually post them. Result? A flawless Instagram feed! If everything looks good to you, you can schedule the content and analyse the results afterwards.

#02 – Unmetric

Unmetric puts your social media data in context. This app doesn’t only measure your own performance, it also analyses your competitor’s social media content. You can benchmark your competitors’ reach against yours, find out who’s doing better than you in your industry and discover through AI which posts your competitors are sponsoring. Sneaky, right?

#03 – Hyperlapse

Move over, tripods! With Hyperlapse, an app by Instagram, you can create time-lapse videos without having to use extra equipment, thanks to its stabilization technology. All you have to do is press start and stop. The best part? You can choose the speed of your time-lapse yourself! Up to 12 times faster than the original video, to be exact.

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#04 – Snapseed

This photo editing app is a free, quick and easy version of Photoshop. Really useful for some basic edits like cropping or adjusting the contrast and brightness, but you can also make more advanced edits! Creating an S-curve, removing something with the healing tool or adding a lens blur? Piece of cake!

#05 – Foodie

Don’t we just all hate that moment when we want to take a picture of our food and it turns out to look like something that already has been eaten before. Twice. No worries, Foodie to the rescue! This app contains a variety of filters, specially designed for food photography. But the best part about Foodie is its ‘best angle’ feature! The app lets you know when your phone is in the right position to take the best picture possible. Like a built-in spirit level, actually!