Love it or hate it, but April 1st will always be the feast of fools. And right when you think you’ve seen it all, another ridiculous announcement pops up, only for you to realize that another brand is participating in the madness. Whenever the world of social media is distorted by strange news, we’re here to guide you through it. So hang on tight and cue the laugh track.

#01 – Google Tulip

First up is a big player. Google claimed to have launched a new app that can be used to talk with tulips. With the new google home-like application, you could easily ask your plant what they want, with the tulip replying “water please” and other ridiculous answers.

Why this works:

Google Tulip got “launched” with a professional video based on “scientific evidence” and demonstrating the many uses of the new app and the fun ways to communicate with the flowers. The video was over the top, fun and the joke was easy to recognize, especially in the second half of the video. A ridiculous idea, was transformed into a big stunt and released with a fun video, sparking laughter everywhere.

And as a person whose plants keep dying unexpectedly, I wish this was an actual product

#02 – Pizza, no crust.

Deliveroo has heard your prayers and answered them. For one day only Deliveroo would deliver pizza without crusts. The brand noticed that a lot of people who order pizza didn’t eat them and left them behind in the boxes at the end of their meal. So this joke wrote itself.

Why this works:

The joke is funny, lighthearted and easy to see through. You don’t need a big brilliant fake campaign to make April Fools’ work. Think about absurd consumer behavior and turn it into a fun post. From the get-go we know it’s a joke, but it’s funny and relatable content, perfect to spark some extra engagement.

#03 – The Lion King

Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba
Sithi uhm ingonyamaaaaaa

Kinepolis Belgium hit us right in the nostalgic feels, with a contest to sing the intro for the new Lion King live-action remake from Disney. Haven’t we all practiced singing this over and over? Gather your friends and belt out some of the most difficult in history.

Why this works:

Wait, it’s a joke?! Awww.

Do we need to say again? This post has a perfect mix of our favorite April Fools’ ingredients: it’s a light joke, relatable and easy to see through. Disney basically owns half of the world these days, so they would never trust us mere mortals to sing songs for billion dollar movies. Keep screaming that song in the shower though.

Katja Verloo, social media agency, instagram, internship, intern, WE LIKE YOU,

Although we love the creativity in a lot of these jokes, a critical change has occurred the last few years. In the age of Fake News and critical thinking not every joke is perceived as “fun”. Many consumers feel perceived and mislead because of these fake announcements and the jokes don’t spark laughter but frustration. So as a brand and business, think wisely about the jokes you want to make and how relevant or misleading they are. It’s an important thing to know your consumers and realize what their frustrations and wishes are. Stay away more serious subjects and businesstraits that have sparked negative feedback.

So for next years brainstorm, keep in mind to make a relatable joke that is easy to see through and can not in any ways be perceived as offensive.

It’s not easy being funny.