You couldn’t have missed it even if you wanted to, winter is finally here. The newest and final season of Game of Thrones aired at the beginning of this week! It was the moment a lot of fans have been waiting for, and apparently quite some brands were anticipating it too.

There were a few brands that just couldn’t let the opportunity go to jump on that hype train, and with success. They were on FIRE 🔥 Here are a few examples that made us giggle:

#1 – BOL never disappoints when it comes down to owning top topicals like a boss, or should we say khaleesi? They manage to make a lot of people LOL with their witty posts that are so relatable and recognizable. This one was no different, everyone who watches Game of Thrones absolutely loved this post! Well done, bol!

#2 – STIB / MIVB

If you thought MIVB wasn’t doing anything on social, then you know nothing. STIB – MIVB surprised everyone with their very own Game of Thrones intro video on Twitter. Singing – can we even call it singing? – the theme song themselves and filming the well-known theme on the map of Brussels was a great way to integrate this very hot top topical into their social calendar. Very well played!


Our very own Social Media Wizard Jory couldn’t help himself. As a watcher of the show, a massive Cersei-fan ánd as a kick-as social media manager, he just had to post about the beginning of the eight season of Game of Thrones. Did you know that a lot of scenes were shot in Iceland by the way? That’s where he saw a great opportunity for the traveling agency North & Away to jump on that bandwagon. North & Away offers great trips to Scandinavian countries, Iceland included. What are you waiting for? There are no white walker there!

#4 – KFC Hong Kong

Ogilvy Hong Kong made a print campaign for Kentucky Fried Chicken to promote their Hot & Spicy fried chicken. In this campaign, they substituted fire with fried chicken – a very clever thing to do! For the beginning of the final Game of Thrones season, they made a post on social concerning this campaign. They substituted one of Daenerys’ dragons fire with fried chicken. We loved it – dracarys!

#5 – Red Cross America

This campaign already started in February, but we thought it was worth a mention! Red Cross America had a campaign with the title #BleedfortheThrone and even though it sounds a bit macabre, it’s completely the opposite. With this campaign, Red Cross America encouraged Game of Thrones fan to donate blood so they would get a chance to win an actual Iron Throne. Donors who gave blood at SXSW, which is a festival in Austin, would receive some Game of Thrones goodies as well. Including a Hand of the King pin in a special ceremony. Needless to say, this was a great success!

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