TikTok is a fun short-form video app that is taking the Social Media world by storm. At this moment Tik Tok is already bigger than Vine ever was. The platform has joined other social networking giants and placed fourth in the list of most downloaded smartphone apps globally. It has over 1 billion installs on the iOS App Store and Google Play. This makes it a hit in Europe, the US, India and Southeast Asia.

The app is made by the Chinese company ByteDance and is the first Chinese-made app to become this popular. The company works with a big amount of data and advanced artificial intelligence. Its popularity is due to the raw, viral videos format that people all over the world seem to love.

TikTok brings something new to the table with its surprising content. Video clips up to 15 seconds can be published on the platform. People record themselves dancing and singing to popular songs and enhance these videos with fun effects, filters and stickers. This gives the app a higher entertainment value than its competitors such as Instagram.

Several social media influencers – including YouTube vlogger David Dobrik – were hired to promote the app to their followers. The silliness of the app mainly appeals to a younger audience.

The power of these short videos should not be underestimated. With their sudden rise, TikTok will also gain more attraction from brands and advertisers. Where Instagram will now be an app for Millennials, TikTok is the future of social media with its younger audience. Feel old yet?

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