Nowadays, we can’t live without our phones. We became addicted to being connected with the world and each other. Take a moment to think about how many chat messages you have sent today alone.

Surprisingly enough, or should I say logically enough, messenger apps are more popular than any other social media tool at this moment. On Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, there are more than 41.6 million messages sent around the world in one minute. I repeat 41.6 million in 60 seconds!

While text messages where getting swapped for online messaging apps, brands were looking into how they could use this to their advantage. That’s when chatbots came into play and chat marketing arose. These chatbots utilize artificial intelligence to interact with people 24/7, without any human intervention.

Facebook, quick as they are, immediately picked up on this trend when they noticed it is one of the biggest growth opportunities in the digital marketing space. Not only Facebook, but websites and apps in every industry are now using chatbots considering they help in sales, marketing, traffic, customer service and more.

There already are a lot of fun ways chatbots are being used by different brands. North Face, for example, turns into your personal shopper helping you find the perfect piece of clothing by asking you just a couple of questions.

Another fun example is the ‘Allerhande’ chatbot from Albert Heijn. The chatbot supplies you with the daily cooking inspiration you need and helps you with all your culinary questions.

Are chatbots the future? Not only do they make for accurate management, but they also improve user experience, collect data and research, enhance traffic and can be a fun and entertaining way of interacting. The only question left is whether people will prefer this new way of communication above human interaction.

Katja Verloo, social media agency, instagram, internship, intern, WE LIKE YOU,