What seems like yesterday, I entered the WE LIKE YOU office for the first time, met my new colleagues and introduced myself to you. (The one that told you about Crocs having its own Instagram page, remember?) What happens to be four months later, it’s time to say goodbye. And unlike Sam Smith, I am not way too good at goodbyes. At all. Yet here I am, trying to put the way I feel about this amazing adventure into words. Ladies and gents, ready for my final words?

Social media wizard in the making

If you asked me to describe my time at WE LIKE YOU, I would say “one hell of a ride”. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not talking about the ‘I just watched the Notebook for the first time and cried my eyes out’ kind of ride, but about the ‘I just had the best trip ever and I’m going to remember this for years’ kind of ride. Starting my internship as a rookie, I had a lot to learn. And guess what? I did! The past few months were not about getting coffee or letting the office dog out – although I would’ve volunteered if they actually had one -, they were about getting that social media game on point.

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Creating kick-ass content, participating in brainstorms and preparing photoshoots? Been there, done that. And every Thursday, you could find me in the kitchen, sharpening my cooking skills for my favorite client BelOrta. (You can call me Gordon Ramsey now.)  Master Designer Chin even gave me a crash course photography. How cool is that? Thanks to this team, I’ve seen it all and my heart for social media has only grown bigger.

It’s the little things

Watching the content you created appear online is a great feeling. I came a long way and really did learn a lot, but in the end that’s not what I will remember. What I will remember is the warm, but crazy, but warm family I had the chance to be part of. Bert who could tell you a fun fact about Eurovision every day, Cassandre who had this funny obsession with everything pink and Disney (she went to Disneyland twice during my internship), Chin who has a different pair of sneakers for every day of the year, Yente who hates coconut like Taylor Swift hates Katy Perry, Jory who’s responsible for your daily updates on Britney Spears’ life and Eva who can make every story sound like you just should’ve been there. It’s the little things that make me look back now and think “I really had the best time ever”.

So that’s that. My last tasks are finished, my final words are said and my internship is over. I already told you I’m not good at goodbyes, so WE LIKE YOU, this is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later! ❤️ *mic drop*

Your biggest fan