My idea of Social Media stories got flipped turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. I’ll tell you how I became convinced of this tool, so let’s share.

Enough nineties nostalgia, let’s talk Facebook! A channel that some of us may have considered dead, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Facebook has got some tricks up its sleeve, including Stories. They’ve existed for quite some time now, they launched not that long after Instagram Stories really, but they get more popular by the minute – to everyone’s surprise. In May 2018, Facebook stories managed to get 150 million daily users – where Instagram stories got 300 million daily users. So you see, that’s quite a lot.

Today, Facebook stories hit 500 million daily users together with WhatsApp stories – Instagram stories hit that number about three months ago already. So you see, Facebook stories are up and coming and totally here to stay. It won’t be long now until Facebook launched a Stories Ad Network, mark our words!

As you all know, Facebook’s organic reach keeps on decreasing – with its consequences for the engagement and awareness. So maybe Facebook Stories might offer a solution? You can engage with your audience in a new way, increase brand awareness and strengthen your relationship with the audience. It doesn’t really surprise us, because the Facebook Stories are placed quite clever. Unlike your news feed where that damn algorithm gets us every time, you’ll see all the Stories at the top of your page. So you won’t miss out on anything!

So we say it’s definitely worth the try! In fact, Facebook is working on a new Stories composer layout which places more options within immediate, tappable reach. You can add music, your location and GIFs as well as feelings (like in a status), polls and tag friends. Exactly like on Instagram, with just a little Facebook touch. BUT there are privacy and studio effects options as well, so you should definitely keep an eye out for it because it sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

We’re 100% excited to test and try with these, are you?

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