As you know or may not know…Instagram is officially and out in the open testing to hide likes on your posts. So what is there you need to know about this new element and its impact it could have on your business? Here are 3 points you really should know if you’re an influencer, a brand or an agency.

#01 – What does it look like?

Simple, like this:

There are no like counts”, as to be explained by  Mark Zuckerberg. “You can see who liked a photo or video, you can tap through to see the list.” But of course, you can still see how many likes you’re getting on posts. It’s just that your followers really can’t. Also, the number will not appear under your post, as it did before but instead you’re going to have to tap ‘others’ to see your total number of likes and who liked it.

#02 – Why does Instagram do this?

Of course, this is a huge change on how Instagram works and its user’s function. The number of likes will no longer be the best measure of success to your post or a status symbol. It seems to be that Instagram is on the search of more pure and authentic content without getting caught in the competition of the likes.

Zuckerberg states that “We want people to be less interested in how many likes a post gets, and focus more on connecting with other people.

#03 – How will it affect influencers and brands?

This answer might be double-sided as it is all still a little new and unclear. If we take a look at the Stories you don’t have any public metric of likes either. And as we all know, this does not really affect the popularity of the tool with users, brand, and influencers.

The big plus is of course that you can allow yourself to post more freely without being limited to ‘the best times to post’.

Also, it’s better for our own and the client’s health to not see the likes. Because do they really need to know how many people liked a post? Is that really the measuring standard they need to see if the content really works? Don’t think so.

What about influencers? 

But for influencers, it’s a whole different story. They would need to put a lot more effort into selling themselves to brands since they obviously can’t show off anymore with the likes on their photos. This makes it a lot harder for brands to also find good influencers to work with and the other way around. So a good influencer media kit is now – more than ever – essential, kids!

On the other hand, it can be “a step in a more authentic direction, where brands start looking at other metrics that derive more meaning, like reach or impressions or saves.” Maybe it also can cause influencers to think about different and more authentic content if the likes are hidden.

…brands and agencies? 

For brands and agencies on the other side, it’s been a long known fact that they already should care more about reach and engagement than that they should do about likes. Likes were, as we all know, always a false but easy currency to compare content.

We will have the be more and more creative in analyzing the data of their accounts. They will have to be very specific about what content is actually bringing business and supporting the business goals.

So in a good way, it forces us to really look at what’s actually working and look behind the number, and that organic content still has its place in the marketing plan.

And that is always, always, the best way of looking at it, my friend. With or without the numbers.

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