In medieval times – and for some professions even today – people of a certain craft would gather together in guilds to share knowledge, train newcomers to the field and maintain a high standard.

Ancient as this concept may be, wouldn’t it be great if we could apply it to influencers?

After all, it’s only been a couple of days after another influencer scandal hit the internet. Influencer Marissa Casey Fuchs was proposed to in an elaborate multi-day romance. Cute! Weren’t it for the fact that the entire setup was pitched to brands months before.

Fact: It seems influencers are more and more willing to sell their soul and credibility for a little bit of cash. — What’s missing? A group of peers to stop them. A guild!

So here’s my proposal to all you influencers and inspiring Instagrammers out there. Gather, exchange knowledge, set standards and ban those who disobey them. Bring back some class in influencing. Because yes, you have that responsibility.

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