If we’d ask your mom what you do for a living, what would she reply?  Chances are she’d oversimplify your role. Alas, we too as social media managers don’t escape this simplification coming from our parents. “She puts posts on Facebook all day”, she thinks.

Unfortunately, some brands tend to act like mothers. We can’t blame them, because, despite the growing digitalisation in marketing, some marketers just haven’t taken a deep dive into social media.

So here’s to all the “mom’s” among the brands. No, we don’t just post things on social media:

  • We investigate your brand
  • We look at what might trigger people psychologically
  • We play with words to make the trigger stronger
  • We curate images because after all, they say more than a thousand words
  • Sometimes we even take matters in our own hands and produce images, hell, why not video
  • We post (correct, mom’s!) but doing so at just the right time, and pushing towards a broader audience so a brand gets the most boost out of its media budget

Don’t even get us started on that last one. Paid advertising on social media has indeed become accessible to all, but to master, it is no easy game.

We love our moms, and we’d love to talk to you about what makes social media a true expertise.

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