In the era of Instagram, people have gotten more and more extra about their social appearance. And in the world of influencers, it’s so hard to believe that anyone really still has any original ideas.

There are so many different places and so many different things you can use for your thirst traps, so at a certain point, it’s all been done.

But in the need to stay interesting and refreshing, a lot of influencers really take it a step too far.

We’ve all seen a tremendous amount of pics that have been photoshopped or that are just too ridiculous. But all of this is really something we are getting used too in this new era. This is our life now.

But what I’m really interested in is when influencers really take it too far. So come with me as I dive down the rabbit hole of what the really f*cked up people are doing on IG.

The one with the girl who posed in a bikini in front of a rice field.

Not too bad one would think, but look at this caption. JUST LOOK AT IT! That’s something that didn’t make her very popular. The backlash was gigantic but I hope she enjoyed it, because we’re definitely never going to hear from her again.

The one where the mom wanted to wish her ‘least IG liked’ child a happy birthday. 

Ow mommy.. Sure hope he never gets to read this!

The one where people who are picking risky #’s or locations to be seen more.

FE the WTC

Or the memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe

Holocaust memorial anyone?


(Nice abs, though)

The one where the bride really made special memories on her wedding day.

She’s gotta pay for that party somehow, right? 😉

The one where people say it was totally worth it getting sick to take the perfect IG photo.

Apparently a lot of ‘influencers’ got a mysterious disease after posing around this IG’able lake in Spain. For God’s sake, it is also called THE TSJERNOBYL OF GALICIA. For this one I should really hand out the award for Instagram Stupid Of The Month. Should I make this a recurring thing? I just might.

On that note, does anyone know a lake as beautiful as this one, but,… let’s say… more safe? I’ve got an IG feed to fill too YK 😉

The one where people are really willing to die for the perfect photo.

The train was apparently moving, peoples. But the real (sad) joke here is, my friends, that everyone loved this picture and that their follower base grew tremendously after being all over the news. I hope no one really wants to copy that stupid stuff…

The one where people copy that stupid stuff.

No comment.

So yeah, there are some IG’ers that really take it too far.

I’m sure there are still a thousand examples more. Feel free to send them to me. Always in for a good laugh.

In the meantime: Stay safe, kids! And don’t be stupid.

Just don’t be stupid.