The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been all over the media in 2018, but how many details do you remember? Netflix just launched “The great hack”, a documentary showing the ins and outs of the events leading up to the infamous Mark Zuckerberg hearing.

It all started with one of those simple Facebook psychological tests you could take for fun, but ended with data being scraped from people’s friends list and a database of every voter in the United States that contained 500 personality data points per user. 500 data points! A massive amount of data that’s worth a fortune. Indeed, personal data has exceeded the price of crude oil.

When in the wrong hands, that data can be used to make an incapable president (personal opinion) win an election, or an Island exit the EU. The one responsible is of course Cambridge Analytica.

Why should you watch this documentary? The algorithm and database of users was at some point regarded as “weapons grade”, meaning it was under special surveillance by the government. Take the time to be shocked on how we can’t have honest elections anymore, and be aware of how influenceable you are in the true “echo box” that’s Facebook.

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